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Current Exhibition

Stephan BALLEUX, Sébastien BONIN
09/09/2016 - 23/10/2016
OPENING 08/09/2016 - 6pm-9pm

Stephan BALLEUX, Un Conte de Noël, Huile sur toile, 200x160 cm, 2015

For its inaugural exhibition of the fall season 2016
D+T Project Gallery is thrilled to present artworks by artists who show together for the very first time. Hence one can find subtle associations amongst the group of works by Stephan BALLEUX, Léa BELOOUSSOVITCH, Sebastien BONIN and Hannu PRINZ.

First of all, the notion of image and the way it is conveyed remains the core preoccupation of the artists. Through a variety of media and techniques that include painting, etching and watercolour, photographic print, leather and colour pencil on felt the works bring together a very intimate reinterpretation of existing images. While the subject matter is not consistently defined, one can sense a deep intimacy along with the impression of reminiscence or dejà vu. Whereas implying a reality that has existed prior the artist's interventions, all works tend to hint something recognizable in the eyes of the beholder: familiar places such as landscapes or old interiors, musical scores, projections of movie sequences and altered printed images resulting in a series of light patterns, etc.

The exhibition means to stimulate the viewer's memory and solicits the combination between perception and emotion. Besides, the notions of space and time bring to think of here and now and of there and then. Further, the set of artworks enables diverse feelings such as: nostalgia, enchantment, strangeness but also discomfort and melancholy