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Federico Martinez Montoya, Us (ashes). Paper, ashes in an acrylic box, 2006 - 2008

Federico Martinez Montoya (b. 1984, Mexico City) lives and works in Mexico City.

Through a variety of media his overall practice underlines the relations between the consumer dynamics and the significance of currencies along with the notion of labour.

The work of F. Martinez focuses on the concept of value and the various ways it can be revealed in multiple forms. The notion of labour and production are thus explored through the residues of these activities and the way they appear in everyday life. Certain actions reflect behavioural absurdities related to money. Thus Handwork testifies of a performance where a banknote available in a public space remains unreachable to the people. Martinez also poetically accentuates the repetitiveness within the production process. Often F. Martinez aims to single out the most insignificant facts into main ideas within our society based on globalised economy and endless operating processes and slavery at work within the contemporary society. Adorable petit diable was handcrafted by Uriel Serrano, a fellow student at the Ecole de la Haute Couture de Paris. It refers to the hard labour within fashion industry and the hard work of craftsmen in general.

Within Martinez’s artworks, currency or money as objects undergo various interventions, which tend to displace their symbolic value into their status as a mere physical material. There is a strong relation to the idea that human activity is tied to production (time/physical effort) and that brings a physical destruction of the capital itself, which is represented by money. Spend Money is a perfect example. Also Forge Money that represents an action when a coin is hammered until it loses every feature that gave its value as money. The remains of the coin were sold for its metal value.

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Selected Exhibitions

His works has gained international attention through institutional shows such as the one at SOMA, Mexico City (2013); Art in odd Places, NYC (2012); Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (2012); etc.

It's Money Jim, but not as we know it. Curada por Katerina Gregos, Galería Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna
Apendice EA6. MAZ Museo de Arte de Zapopan. Guadalajara, México
Organizada por Fuhni y el Centro Cultural de Cali. Cali Colombia
PUM (Proyectos Mexicanos Unidos). Brooklyn NY
Fernelmont Contemporary Art’15.
Fernelmont, Belgium
Qué se te multiplique. Ciudad de México
Forma y sustancia. Festival Internacional de Performance. Guatemala – San Salvador

Everything is wrong. Project Room. Puebla, México
Federico Martinez Montoya, D+T Project Gallery, Brussels (solo)
Galería Senda. Barcelona, España
PROYECTOR, Festival Internacional de Videoarte. Intercambiador Acart. Madrid, Spain
Demasiado Futuro, Centro Cultural España, Mexico City
La Cámara, espacio de arte y acción contemporánea. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Art in Odd Places 2012: MODEL
. Nueva York, EUA. Copenhagen Art Festival. Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Dinamarca
Eject II International Festival of Videoperformance. Ex Teresa Arte Actual,Mexico
2nd International Festival of Chihuahua. Mexico
8ª Biennial of Visual Poetry during the 32nd International Cervantino Festival. Guanajuato, Mexico