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Sebastien Bonin, exhibition's view, UN-SCENE III, Wiels, Brussels, copyright Sven Laurent

Sebastien Bonin’s (1977) production of images has shaped itself towards formalism within an image traditionally linked to ideas of form and colour. Photograms, the classical ancestor of photography itself, bring Bonin since 2013 to convert the mere technical relationship into pictoriality. The machine, the enlarger, the gelatine filters used in theatre and movie, the long process of fixing the scotch tapes are among other techniques that the artist uses to create an image that fragments the reality. Californian landscapes, car bodies or Navajo rugs provide an extensive source of inspiration to investigate the colours and their interaction with the light. Progressively, the colour becomes the subject itself.

This exacerbated hyper-reality keeps the marks of the fabrication of its referent (literature, printed image, movies, etc.) towards its rehabilitation as an abstract reality. In this overlay of realities which substitutes the subject with a series of filters, the focus remains on repetition, disguise, caricature, stereotype and artifice while simulacra remains an essential part of Bonin’s work.

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Selected Solo Exhibitions
Kledze Hatal, D+T Project Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Salon indien, Island, Brussels, Belgium
Suzy cream cheese, c-l-e-a-r-i-n-g, Brussels, Belgium.
El Mirage Lake, Island, Brussels, Belgium.

Selected Group Exhibitions
Friendly Faces, Johannes Vogt / New York, USA.
186 Louise, 186 Louise, Brussels, Belgium.
Un-scene III, WIELS Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, Belgium.
Cirque Mafate, Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium.
Sweating like a whore in church, Jeanrochdard, Paris, France.
The Belgian Six, Palais-des-Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Violins without violins, Island / Brussels, Belgium.