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Zachary Formwalt, Unsupported Transit, single channel HD video with sound, 14'25'', 2011

Zachary Formwalt
(b.1979, USA). If art has the capacity to make present what would otherwise remain unnoticed, Zachary Formwalt’s work deals with the least visual, most obscure and elusive of processes: the movement of capital. The unhindered circulation of money between financial markets is one of the basic premises of the global economy and is considered a fundamental freedom in modern democracies. But Formwalt’s critical attention to these invisible processes reveals that they are omnipresent forces pervading our everyday lives.

Formwalt’s films and photographs enquire into the nature and origin of still and moving images and their relationship to economic and social history. He attempts to capture the immaterial traces of capital and its multitudinous appearances in the material culture of modernity through a focus on specific buildings and documents, objects and iconographic motifs—in short, the presence of capital is recognized in traces that constitute the material culture of modernity.
Adam Szymczyk in Creamier: Contemporary Art in Culture, Phaidon Press, 2010
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Selected Recent Exhibitions
Three Exchanges (Cat.), Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam
One work hides another, D+T Project Gallery, Brussels
The Unwritten, Marres, Maastricht, NL’
Living with Pop. A Reproduction of Capitalist Realism (Cat.), Artists Space, New York (NY), US
We, the Enemy, European Media Art Festival 2014, Osnabrück, DE
Zachary Formwalt, (Cat.), VOX, Contemporary Image Centre, Montreal, CA
A way of removing an element that interferes with the subject, KIOSK, Gent, BE
(Im)material labour, Art Exchange, Colchester Essex, England
Rotterdam Film Festival, short films award
Unsupported transit, D+T Project Gallery, Brussels

Abstract possible : The Birmingham Beat, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Abstract possible : The Stockholm synergies, Tensta Konsthall
The Forfeiture of Money, D+T Project Gallery, Brussels
The Royal Exchange (after Henri Talbot), D+T Project, Brussels
Munt met een missie, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
Fiction, Narrative, History, D+T Project Gallery, Brussels
Volker Bradtke, Dusseldorf
The End of Money, Witte de With, Rotterdam
ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum, Bolzano
Monumentalism, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam